Landscape: the Zemola Valley lies to the north of the village of Erto and its nature and landscape, which are still largely untouched, are of great importance. The valley is dominated all around by the steep walls of the group of Mount Duranno which, standing at 2652 m a.s.l., is the highest peak in the Dolomiti Friulane Park and one of the most imposing in the region.

The landscape is typical of high-altitude grazing land, with meadows and hay pastures. Shepherds’ houses and dairies (which were used collectively) have been renovated and are still used and there are also the remains of old houses once inhabited by woodcutters and charcoal burners. Today the old quarry, where red limestone rich in ammonite (“Ramello Rosso Ammonitico”) was extracted, can be visited to learn more about this open-air museum.

This area is of great interest for reconstructing the Quaternary evolution of the Dolomites since it contains deposits from glacial lakes, outwash plains, known as sandurs and other well preserved deposits from the late glacial age.