The accessible viewpoint of Mount Elmo / Helm lies at an altitude of 2050 metres and offers a stunning view over the Dolomiti di Sesto and the five peaks (Nove, Dieci – also called Croda Rossa -, Undici, Dodici and Una) which make up the famous Sesto Sundial, a natural clock. On the day of the winter solstice, the peaks act like giant pointers on a sundial, indicating the time. Mount Elmo / Helm dominates the valley of Alta Val Pusteria and affords a privileged view of the peaks in the Tre Cime Natural Park: Rocca dei Baranci, Punta Tre Scarperi and Croda Rossa di Sesto.

It is accessed directly from the village of Sesto by the ski lift (one section). The vast plateau around the uphill station allows you to fully appreciate the views in the open air. At about 100 m from the station is Ristorante Monte Elmo, an equipped and comfortable restaurant with a beautiful panoramic terrace. It is the starting point of an excursion to the Gallo Cedrone mountain hut which is about 1 km along an almost flat dirt path (incline approx. 8%). Mount Elmo is also famous because it lies on the border of Italy and Austria and the Alta Via Carnica (no. 403), also known as the “Peace Trail”, runs along it.