Valles Alto is a stunning example of a Dolomite pasture landscape near the Valles Alto Pass. Surrounded by the spectacular crests of the Cime di Focobo, Valles Alto has large pastures cultivated with traditional farming methods for centuries and filled with many different flowers.

Here we can find all the elements of a typical Dolomite landscape: undulating bases covered in rich green meadows and dairies, slopes carpeted with conifer forests, large mantles of scree where pioneer vegetation has made its home and awe-inspiring bare rock faces. Given its central position and the sheer size of the meadows, the panorama is far-reaching with splendid views of both the Dolomite rocks of the Pale di San Martino group and the dark porphyry of the Cima Bocche chain.

The stratigraphic sequence in this section covers a period of about 150 million years, from the early Palaeozoic to the late Carnian/Norian periods. Most of its rocks belong to the Permian-Triassic eras, with a large percentage from the Anisian-Ladinian periods.