The accessible viewpoint of Lagazuoi, which lies at an altitude of 2752 metres, offers a stunning view over the World Heritage mountains and in particular Tofane, Marmolada with its perennial snowfields, Croda da Lago, Lastoi di Formin, Nuvolau, Antelao, Sorapis and Civetta. As well as being a lovely panoramic balcony, Lagazuoi is of great historical significance because it is a symbol of the destructive power of war. During the Great War, this peak was bombed by both Austro-Hungarian and Italian troops, altering the profile of the mountain forever. Today, this natural defence system with its trenches, walkways, posts and tunnels, where soldiers sheltered and weapons were stored, has been made into a large open-air museum, in remembrance of the war which was fought at this high altitude.

The viewpoint and museum can be reached by the Lagazuoi cableway which leaves from the Falzarego Pass (2105 m a.s.l.). Access to the valley station is from the car park to the rear of the cableway and is manageable thanks to the slope. Take the first available cabin to the uphill station (2752 m a.s.l.). From the cableway terrace, take the path which is suitable for people of all ages to the summit cross standing at 2778 metres, in remembrance of all those who fell in the First World War. The path was built by the Kaisejäger regiments during the Great War and restored by the Alpini of the ANA branch of Treviso in 2018. It is very wide and accessible and can easily be tackled in a wheelchair or with hiking pushchairs.