Piani di Pezzè is a beautiful wide, open, undulating meadow which lies along the wooded slopes of Cima di Coldai and Cima Fertazza. As it is flat (hence its name “Piani” meaning “levels”), it has always been used for farming (hay pastures and grazing). Man has lived in the nearby “vile” (hamlets higher up the mountain) of Coi and Fernazza since time immemorial and they still have examples of typical Ladin houses.

Col dei Baldi, located above Piani di Pezzè, can be reached by the accessible cable car and affords a spectacular view over the Central Dolomites: Civetta-Moiazza, Mondeval, Croda Da Lago, Marmolada and Pelmo.

This system is dominated by the huge Ladinian-Carnian carbonate platform that erosion has caused to re-emerge, doing away with the thin layers of basin, volcanic and terrigenous material that once covered it. The dizzying faces to the sides of these mountains were once the ancient underwater slopes of the island.