Azienda Agricola La Sloda

The 1980s, Val di Zoldo, and the challenge faced by a young Renato: to produce 100% organic honey. A challenge that was won thanks to the first seven hives given to him by his father and the knowledge handed down by his grandfather. This honey has all the aromas of a valley in bloom. As Renato likes to say, “to make the most of the special flowers in the valleys of our Dolomites, I move the hives as and when those flowers come out”. He produces particularly fine and unusual monofloral honeys such as Umbrelliferae, Sycamore Maple, Erica carnea (Sloda), White Fir and Spruce, as well as High Mountain Mixed Flower honey.

Quality certification: Organic Certification, “Carta Qualità” label of the Belluno Dolomites National Park – Campanula d’Oro
Products: Organic honey, honeydew
Contact details: +39 328 8420433 |
Location: Via Sant’Andrea 20, Municipality of Val di Zoldo
Reference: Renato Pancera

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