The Prampèr Valley is a beautiful glacial valley. Here visitors can admire all the typical features of the Dolomite landscape: steep slopes of bare rock, extensive debris fields – partly stabilised and covered in larch and fir woods, partly active and unstable with scree colonised by mountain pine – and rich pastures crossed by the stony riverbed of the Prampera stream.

At the bottom of the valley are gentle, rolling meadows with pastureland, dairies, wet meadows and small peat bogs which make the valley a very good example of the cultural landscape and biodiversity.

The valley has spectacular climatic morphological features associated with ancient glaciation (banks of moraine) and processes due to freezing and thawing with highly visible examples of cones and debris layers. Given the high-energy forces at work in the landscape, slope movements are particularly widespread, with collapses and large falls of debris a common occurrence throughout the whole valley.