Azienda Agricola Michielli

Azienda Agricola Michielli was founded in 2001 with the aim of recovering arable lands that had been abandoned over the years and recreating an agriculture-based economy. The farm, which is located in Vinigo di Cadore, a typical small village overlooking the Boite Valley, has progressively expanded thanks to the great quality and taste of its products which are grown with no chemical additives. In 2004, it produced four tonnes of mixed vegetables. Despite unfavourable climatic conditions and the 1029-metre altitude, prices are kept constant throughout the season, regardless of the harvest window. Production varies greatly throughout the year and includes garden and flower seedlings in the springtime as well as small fruits and nuts.

Quality certification: BIO
Products: Cabbages, vegetables and fruit
Contact details: +39 345 3914624 |
Location: Via Savilla, 36 (Loc. Vinigo), Vodo di Cadore (BL), Italy
Reference: Alessandro Michielli

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