Offering a variety of different landscapes, this itinerary winds its way along the valley floor of Val Badìa, between La Villa and Corvara, showing visitors a landscape that is different to others found in the Dolomites: the populated valley floor. The route features all the different offerings of the most popular valley floors in the Dolomites: walks in the woods and along the river (Gadera), open spaces equipped for outdoor activities near small villages and vast meadows on alluvial terraces with views over the awe-inspiring peaks around them.

In this part of the Northern Dolomites there are outcrops of rock which tell of the arrival of the first Dolomite Sea, starting from the Permian desert plains. This exceptional area also features rocks that were witness to the mass extinction that occurred between the Permian and Triassic period, while the Anisian rocks show clear signs of the recovery made by the bio-constructor organisms after the disastrous extinction.