Maso Lüch dl Rich di Alex Rungger

Like other organic meat farmers who bear the Biobeef brand, Alex Rungger’s company focuses on natural farming. The herd moves freely between the barns and the pasture all year round. The cattle feed mainly on grass and dry forage produced on the company’s own farm. The calves suckle their mother’s milk for nine to twelve months and always spend this phase of their lives with the herd. The “Bio* Beef from the South Tyrolean farmstead” is low in fat and cholesterol with high levels of protein, minerals and vitamins and contains unsaturated fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid. The meat is dark pink in colour, tender and boasts the trademark delicious aroma of natural meat.

Quality certification: BIO, BIO BEEF
Products: Meat
Contact details: +39 328 3768543 |
Location: Str Miri 26, San Martino in Badia (BZ), Italy
Reference: Alex Rungger