Snapshots of history: Longarone & Vajont Museum

It was 10.39 p.m. on 9 October 1963 when masses of rock broke away from the slopes of Mount Toc and came tumbling down into the basin below in an enormous landslide. A gigantic wall of water came thrashing over Erto e Casso, Longarone and the neighbouring hamlets, leaving a trail of death and destruction. Some 1910 victims lost their lives in the disaster.

This museum guides visitors on a journey into the history of Longarone and Vajont, through images, artefacts, multimedia kiosks, videos, accounts and records. It is a tool for learning about the area’s past, scarred by the greatest tragedy in the history of post-war Italy. The museum aims to leave its mark on visitors, who come away with a greater appreciation of the value of life and how important it is that we learn from the past when building the future.

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