City Museum of Natural History


The Museo civico di storia naturale (The City Museum of Natural History) in Pordenone hosts precious collections of many experts and enthusiasts of insects, birds and minerals.
The Oddo Arrigoni degli Oddi collection, Ettore Arrigone’s father, is very important, as he is considered the forefather of the modern Italian ornithology: his collection counts more than 3000 examples of exotic birds. A big part of the insect collection belonged to Umberto Posarini, a famous entomologist, and it includes about 9000 specimens of Carabus beetles. Other 10000 specimens of beetles, lepidoptera and orthoptera have been collected by local experts and enthusiasts, who gave them to the museum.
This exhibition includes also a remarkable collection of minerals (more than 13000 samples), and other ones regarding paleontology, botany, malacology and osteology.

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