Ethnographic Museum of the Piave’s log drivers


Founded in the middle of the 80s, the Ethnographic Museum of the Piave’s log drivers – International Study Centre on the raft shows the history of the people of Codissago, who practised log driving and timber processing for centuries. It is the only museum in Italy about log driving. It explains history, traditions, habits and customs of the people living along the river Piave. In front of it, there is a reconstruction of a Venetian sawmill of the 1883, which is still serviceable. The exhibition extends over 10 rooms and one conference room with video equipment. In 450 square metres, the exhibition delves into the archaeology, the development of chipping and wood processing techniques, the transportation to the river, the log driving, the construction of rafts, as well as the navigation on the river Piave and other European rivers.

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