Museo dell’Orologeria di Pesariis 

The Museum collection offers a complete overview of local clock production, starting with rare pieces dating back to 1400, and running all the way up to the modern era with indicator clocks which combine time measurement with a wide range of industrial services and information.

You will see pendulum clocks, tower clocks, station systems, clocks regulating centralised systems, time recording clocks.

At the end of the 1930’s, a particular type of clock was crafted in Pesariis. It was known as a flip clock, in which, instead of a circular dial with spheres, there was a set of small rotating leaves which opened up like a book: this mechanism of falling pages was the forerunner of the departure and arrival boards which can be seen in just about every station and airport throughout the world.

The Museum is integrated and completed by the monumental Clock-Making Route, a real open-air museum in Pesariis and other town of the valley, an exhibition of monumental clocks which have been studied in great detail and designed ti represent in an assortment of artistic forms, the passage and measurement of time.

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