The Alta Via No. 6 is about 180 km long, it has 11 legs and connects Sappada (BL) with Vittorio Veneto (TV).

The trail crosses two provinces (Belluno and Treviso) and the mountain ranges of Peralba, Rinaldo, Clap, Tìarfin, Crìdola, Spalti di Toro-Monfalconi, Cima dei Preti-Duranno and Col Nudo-Cavallo. The average altitude of the trail is 2000 metres and the route crosses wide paths and mule tracks, although it does include some treacherous, exposed stretches requiring greater expertise.

The Alta Via No. 6 is also known as the “Alta Via dei Silenzi” (Alpine Trail of Silence) as it crosses a number of long, exceptionally solitary and wild stretches, where the Dolomite rocks and the surrounding nature are the only thing of beauty.

The trail is recommended for experienced, well-trained hikers as the distances between the mountain huts are often long. When the going gets tough, the paths are equipped.

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