The „Via Transalpina“ is a long-distance hiking trail, which unfolds its unique charm along its 750 km of total length.

Starting from Oberstdorf (GER), crossing the Tirol (AUT), the Via Transalpina traverses the picturesque scenery of the Dolomites, before “diving” into the ocean in front of Triest (IT).The high diversity of the landscapes, the variety of cultures and enogastronomic experiences, the merging of alpine sceneries with everyday life within the valleys, confer to the trail its unmistakable uniqueness.

The peculiarity of the Via Transalpina lies most of all within the possibility to travel along the entire trail or complete a part of it. There are many possibilities of personalizing the route based on the 5 thematic sections, its single stages and the physical condition and preferences of the hiker.

The first section “Hiking Passion” leads from Oberstdorf (GER) to Landeck (AUT) and enables its travelers to meet other fellow hikers, who, for example, are hiking on the famous E5. Along the section “On the tracks of Ötzi the Iceman” (from Landeck to Bolzano IT)) the hiker will traverse the area where the most famous European mummy was found. “Dolomiti UNESCO” leads from Bolzano to Calalzo (IT) and lets the hiker experience an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking mountain massifs of the World Heritage Site. Within the section “Alpine Wilderness” (from Calalzo to Gorizia (IT)), the hiker will be able to enjoy pristine nature and unforgettable adventures. The last section “Alpine Enogastronomy” leads from Gorizia to Triest (IT) and grants deep and delicious insights within a completely different scenery full of flavors and aromas, coined by the vastness of the Adriatic Sea.

A visionary trail because of its complete digitalization: An App entirely dedicated to its route includes the interactive map with all the necessary information (alpine huts, hotels, points of interest, walking time, weather forecasts, rescue services etc.) as well as the possibility to personalize the hike based on personal propensities, passions, time availability and physical condition of the hiker. A trail adjusted to the preferences of the hiker and which conciliates the alpine with the cultural and enogastronomic experience. A trail through the Alps and beyond! The Via Transalpina.

Visit the website and download the App of the Via Transalpina for free (available for iOS and Android)!