MiM Belluno – Interactive Museum of Migration

The MiM Belluno – Interactive Museum of Migration – is housed in the headquarters of the “Bellunesi nel Mondo” Association, and pays homage to the contributions and sacrifice of the many Belluno emigrants. The museum is a place of reflection and memory, and has become a reference point over the years for emigrants, former emigrants, and now also immigrants who have been welcomed into this area.
The Museum and its multi-media displays centre on the experiences of these people, with their testimonies and descriptions of their real lives.
The journey therefore begins with their individual stories, helping us to understand in a universal way the essence and dignity of the migrant’s life: a situation common to all people at all times in history.
And it also shows us how these continuous movements of people have served as the lifeblood of our planet, contributing over the centuries to the birth and growth of great civilizations.
This is the first step in a project that aims to become more open and interactive: through involvement with schools, with ideas for meetings and workshops; with the local area, making MiM the starting point for a wider story of emigration in the province of Belluno; and online, with exhibitions and events which go beyond the confines of the Museum.

For more information: www.mimbelluno.it