Azienda Agricola Villa Buzzati

The objective of Laura Solinas’ organic and biodiverse farm is to improve the landscape both ecologically and visually, cultivate and increase biodiversity in food, develop innovations and contribute to the local community as well as to experiment and test sustainable agronomic methods. In 2011, corn grown for animal feed was replaced with alfalfa, barley, wheat, soy, Sudanese sorghum, phacelia, einkorn wheat, traditional vegetables and local genetics, and a small orchard with the typical fruits of a few generations ago. The principal crop is runner beans which are typical of and particularly well-adapted to the Val Belluna, especially the Gialet della Valbelluna, a Slow Food Presidium, and the Bala Rossa Bean.

Quality certification: Belluno Dolomites National Park quality certificate – Campanula d’oro BIO
Products: Gialèt beans
Contact details: +39 349 2897192 |;
Location: Via Visome 16, Belluno (BL), Italy