The Park, which was established in 1988, covers an area of over 31,000 hectares and lies entirely in the province of Belluno. The Park is bounded by the Cismon river to the west and the Piave river to the east, the Maè river to the north and lower Agordino to the south.

The mountain ranges in the Park include the Alpi Feltrine (Vette di Feltre, Cimonega, Pizzocco, Brendol, Agnelezze), Monti del Sole, Schiara, Talvéna, Prampèr and Spiz di Mezzodì.

The silent beauty of these mountains enchanted Dino Buzzati, the writer, journalist and painter from Belluno, who described them in one of his works as “enigmatic, private, secret (…) able to move you for the stories they tell, their age-old atmosphere, their loneliness like that only found in the desert “.

One place well worth a visit is the Mis Valley with the Soffia and Cadini del Brenton waterfalls. The Park can also be accessed from Valle di San Martino, Val Canzoi, Valle dell’Ardo and Val di Prampér. Visitors should not be put off by the wild nature of this land, as there are plenty of places of historical interest to visit, like the ancient complex of the Certosa di Vedana and the Valle Imperina mines. (several sources)

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