The Park was established in 1967 and extended twenty years later in 1987. Its aim is to protect its natural landscape and environment. It lies between the mountain streams Cismon, Vanoi and Travignolo in the eastern part of Trentino, on the border with the Veneto region.

The Park is home to the UNESCO-listed Pale di San Martino Dolomite mountain chain, the eastern part of the Lagorai massif (made up of magmatic rock and mainly porphyry), and the splendid Paneveggio Forest (which covers an area of 2,700 hectares and is home to deer and spruce trees whose wood has exceptional resonant qualities so was used by Stradivarius to build his famous violins).

All the typical Alpine species can be found here and the vegetation in the Park consists mainly of Norway spruce, silver fir, larch, beech and Swiss pine.

In 2015 the Park was awarded the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism: the Park came together with public institutions, local businesses and associations to develop the area, promoting new forms of tourism focusing on the concept of sustainability.

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