Birrificio BioNoc’

Fabio and Nicola’s curiosity and passion for the world of craft beer production was born and grew in a small garage during the early years of the millennium. The transition from hobby to profession was not a given; it was only due to the tenacity of the two friends, their continuous research and the sourcing of quality raw materials, starting with water from the Pale di San Martino, that the BioNoc’ Brewery was founded in 2012. The brewery is an artisanal production laboratory that conducts continuous research and produces beers that are neither pasteurised nor filtered, so as to avoid any alterations of the primary organoleptic properties of the raw materials grown in the valley by a continuously expanding network of local producers. “We pride ourselves on the fact that consumers can be sure of finding a natural, controlled raw material of known origin in their glass. The idea of being able to grow quality hops in Trentino came to us in 2014, which isn’t strange, if you consider that this type of production had been common in our region until the mid-twentieth century. And today, almost all of our beers contain Trentino hops.”

Quality certification: BIO
Products: Beer
Contact details: +39 329 6086570 |
Location: Località Giare 45, Mezzano di Primiero (TN), Italy
Reference: Fabio Simoni

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