Azienda Agricola Cuor di Prussia

“Cuor di Prussia” is a certified organic farm that deals with the cultivation and processing of fruit and vegetables, particularly the Prussian apple. The farm has strong ties to the region in which it was established and took root, growing the one-of-a-kind Pom Prussian which is found only in Faller, an urban centre whose economy strongly revolves around the Apple Fair which catalysed its development. This fruit has had an interesting trajectory, as its characteristic irregularities has caused it to generally be discarded by large retailers who are always looking for beautiful, round apples. Today, it is very popular, as it is considered to be good, tasty, healthy and natural.

Quality certification: Belluno Dolomites National Park quality certificate – Campanula d’oro BIO
Products: Fruits, potatoes, mixed vegetables and Lamon beans
Contact details: +39 0439 799979; +39 0439 301730; +39 339 1376018 |
Location: Via Faller 124, Sovramonte (BL), Italy