Consorzio Tutela Morone e Castagno del Feltrino

Chestnut and “morone” cultivation in the Feltrino area has roots that date back centuries; the wild chestnut grows naturally in these woods, but it has been “tamed” over the years with grafts and through cross-breeding with the higher quality marron chestnut.
Since 1996, the Consorzio Tutela “Morone” e Castagno del Feltrino has focused on protecting these plants which have survived despite having been abandoned by farmers in favour of corn. The Consortium is also dedicated to maintaining and developing their cultivation, and its roughly 100 members keep themselves busy tidying the groves, pruning, grafting and enhancing the local product. In addition to recovering ancient trees and planting new ones, they have now also begun to produce the renowned Italian chestnut flour.

Quality certification: Belluno Dolomites National Park quality certificate – Campanula d’argento
Products: Chestnuts
Contact details: +39 347 3148612; +39 338 5994591; +39 340 1568641 (Giorgio); +39 331 4349649 (Mario) |;;

Location: c/o UMF Via Carlo Rizzarda 21, Feltre (BL), Italy

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