Azienda Agricola Bio Fiores Eco-Green

Azienda Agricola Fiores in Vigo di Fassa combines a passion for agriculture, nature and the mountains with the desire to learn about and deepen the traditional customs regarding medical herbs. The company produces organic infusions and herbal teas, cosmetic products and natural syrups, processed with the extracts of medicinal plants that it grows itself. It all started with a small garden near the house. The first crops were medicinal plants along with some aromatic herbs. Over time, Nadia Pitto, manager of the farm, has expanded production, cultivating organic medicinal and aromatic plants on two parcels at an altitude of around 1350 meters, one in Portolina and the other in San Giovanni in the town of Vigo di Fassa in Trentino.

Quality certification: BIO
Products: Medicinal herbs
Contact details: +39 389 9309667 |            
Location: Strada de Pala Verda 5, San Giovanni di Fassa (TN), Italy
Reference: Nadia Pitto

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