Caseificio Sociale di Predazzo e Moena

Caseificio di Predazzo e Moena is a member of the “Trentino Cheeses Group”. The cheeses produced by this social dairy differ in terms of their processing techniques, flavour, taste and aroma, but what they all have in common is the milk, the only ingredient used in production with the only additives being rennet, which is added for the coagulation of casein, and brine salt. The milk is obtained from cows that feed in the highest pastures. The flagship product of the Caseificio Sociale di Predazzo e Moena is the “Puzzone di Moena”. This cheese with an unmistakable flavour owes its name, which means ‘the stinker of Moena’, to the strong and pungent smell that is its trademark.

Quality certification: Presidio Slow Food, Puzzone di Moena
Products: Dairy products
Contact details: +39 0462 501287; +39 340 0632136 |
Location: via Fiamme Gialle 48, Predazzo (TN), Italy

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