Azienda Sass de Mura

Azienda Sass de Mura is a small, family-run farm that has been active since 2008. It started as an experimental vineyard as part of a project to reintroduce grapevines in the province of Belluno. The 13,000 square metres have evolved over time with the varieties initially introduced being replaced with others that are better adapted or more resistant to fungal diseases. By choosing to go with guyot training, a type of vinification that emphasises the distinctive qualities attributed to regional characteristics such as acidity, aromas and flavour, the company has prioritised quality over quantity.

Quality certification: BIO
Products: Wines and resistant vineyards
Contact details: +39 329 5363190; +39 331 4496248 |;
Location: Via Donada 19, San Gregorio nelle Alpi (BL), Italy