Azienda Liquori Frescura

Azienda “Liquori Frescura”, founded in 1895, was the recipient of several prestigious awards and 12 gold medals which were bestowed on it at various national and international exhibitions between 1902 and 1906 (Brussels, Paris, Marseille, etc.). After the company changed hands from father to son a few times, the distillery was moved to Cortina d’Ampezzo, the birthplace of “Amaro Cortina”. After business was interrupted during the Second World War, production resumed at the current location in Bribano di Sedico in 1947. While the business was taken over in 1963, the name of its founder was retained, as were its artisan character, strong link to tradition, and the practice of making the best use of plants, roots and herbs from the Dolomite valleys just as they did over a century ago.

Quality certification: Belluno Dolomites National Park quality certificate – Campanula d’argento
Products: Liqueur made with local herbs
Contact details: +39 0437 852154 |
Location: Piazza 4 Novembre 1, Sedico (BL), Italy

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