Birrificio Foglie d’Erba

The “Foglie d’Erba” brewery has been actively involved in experimenting with applying this ancient art in the Friulian Dolomites since 2008. With a production capacity of 2,000 litres of wort per day, the brewery creates numerous special craft beers with no microfiltration, pasteurisation or other artifices that would diminish the sensory characteristics and freshness of the products. In fact, craft beer is at its best when kept fresh through careful storage and service. Visitors to the brewery’s shop can taste all the beers in rotation and buy them along with numerous gadgets.

Quality certification: Presidio Slow Food
Products: Craft beer
Contact details: +39 347 3555197; +39 366 7599113 |
Location: Via Nazionale 14, Forni di Sopra (UD), Italy

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