Azienda agricola e Apicoltura Maines Faustino

The farm has 50 beehives that overwinter in the La Rube biotope in Mezzolombardo and are brought back to the valley in the springtime; in summer, after gathering pollen from the bottom of the valley, the Faustino bees soar to altitudes as high as 1,800 to 2,000 meters in the heart of Val Nambrone. Faustino has developed a management method that involves targeted, thrifty interventions performed at dawn or dusk after the bees have returned to the apiary. These precautions consist in avoiding interference from phytosanitary products during the apple trees’ peak blossoming season and after the dandelion flower has reopened with the morning light.

Quality certification: CETS-Park Quality label
Products: Honey
Contact details: +39 339 2641129 |
Location: Vicolo Santo Stefano 4, Loc. Dercolo, Campodenno (TN), Italy 
Reference: Faustino Maines