This system extends over 31,666 hectares, making it the second largest in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a rich diversity of landscape and geology.

The system fans out over the Provinces of Belluno and Trento, bounded to the South-East by the Piave river valley, to the West by Val Cismon, to the North by the valleys of Travignolo, Biois and Valle Agordina and to the North-East by Val Zoldana. Starting from the South, you encounter the peaks known as Vette Feltrine, the highest of them being Monte Pavione at 2,335m, followed by the Cimonega – Erera Brendol chain.

Heading North, you get to the Monti del Sole peaks, dominated by Piz de Mezzodì (2,240m), Schiara (2,565m) and Talvena (2,542m), with the amazing rocky pinnacle known as La Gusela del Vescovà. After Monte Pizzocco come the Civetta (3,220m) and Moiazza chains with Moiazza Sud (2,878m) and Moiazza Nord (2,865m).

Finally there are the Pale di San Martino, with Monte Mulaz (2,906m), Cima dei Bureloni (3,130m), Cimon della Pala (3,184m), Pala di San Martino (2,982m), Fradusta (2,939m), Vezzana (3,192m) and Sass Maor (2,814m). The eastern section of the system includes Pale di San Lucano, Monte Agner (2,872m) and Burel (2,281m).

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