The Brenta Dolomites make up the westernmost part of the Dolomite region, on the western border of the Province of Trento. This chain is a Dolomite island covering an area of 11,135 hectares bounded to the West by the Giudicarie valleys, to the East by Val di Non and to the North by Val di Sole.

The Brenta Dolomites are divided into two parts by the Bocca di Brenta pass. The northern part includes the Sfulmini chain and the Grostè massif, while the South boats the highest peaks in the system: Cima Tosa (3,173m) and the Catena d’Ambiez chain. Among the other high peaks are Cima Brenta (3,150m) and Campanil Basso (2,883m), the latter a famous mountain that is still a magnet for mountaineering enthusiasts.

It is not just geography that separates the Brenta Dolomites from the other Dolomite chains: the distinctive morphology of the majestic, towering Brenta peaks, result of erosion carving them into jagged spires and lofty pinnacles of different sizes and shapes, stands in contrast to the more slender, fluid lines of the rest of the UNESCO Dolomites.

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