Cooperativa Canòp

A “historic” Cooperative rooted in the region since the 70s, Canòp has the same roots as the German word, Knappe (miner), and in fact, Rivamonte is mining country, and the cooperative was established with the aim of curbing depopulation due to the closure of the Valle Imperina mine. Based on this, and because the members come from the community, the Cooperative is known as a “social barn”. The farm keeps several cows, but one of the main purposes of the Cooperative is to maintain the meadows and prevent the forest from encroaching. The “Casèlo”, a dairy located in a picturesque building in the village, produces delicious cheese, part of which is divided among the members with the other part being sold directly.

Quality certification: Belluno Dolomites National Park quality certificate – Campanula d’oro BIO
Products: Milk and dairy products
Contact details: +39 0437 69235; +39 333 33349842 (Claudio) |
Location: Via Casera, Rivamonte Agordino (BL), Italy