Azienda Agricola Borgo Titol

Not only is Azienda Borgo Titol a wonderful production concern, but it is also a concrete example of the restoration of the region and traditions, from its architecture to its typical products. Visitors to Borgo Titol can taste traditional Friulian products such as pitina (a cured cold cut), formai dal Cit (slightly picante spreadable cheese in a crock) and scueta dal Boç (ricotta cream), which are also sold at the zero-km markets in the province of Pordenone, as well as many other of the company’s dairy products, vegetables and cured meats. A distinguishing feature of the farm is the combination of the Friulian and Chinese cultures which results from the shared management of Xiaolei and her husband Roberto, along with her parents.

Quality certification: Friulian Dolomites Park Quality Card, Consorzio Pitina IGP, Presidio Slow Food
Products: Animal husbandry, cheeses and cured meats
Contact details: +39 0427 869061; +39 345 2449541 |
Location: Località Titol 1, Tramonti di Sopra (PN), Italy

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