The “Partisan Trail” itinerary is also a “Talking Trail” which you can discover with this app!

On the 70th anniversary of the city and province of Belluno being honoured with the Medaglia d’Oro al Valore Militare (gold medal for military valour) for the valuable part its inhabitants played in the struggle for liberation, we are planning to dedicate a mountain trail linking the locations associated with the First and Second World Wars. These places are dear to the residents of Belluno for it was here that their fathers fought to become free people, laying the groundwork for a future of peace, democracy and the social solidarity on which today’s civil society is based.

Along every Talking Trail you will come across different points of interest and, thanks to GPS coordinates, you can receive information about the culture, history and landscape, making your amazing experience complete.

The Talking Trails app is a CAI Veneto project and is financed by the Veneto Region.
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