The Association Trentini nel Mondo was created in 1957 with a social solidarity aim and as an instrument of union and assistance for the Trentino migrants and their descendants. Among the promoters, it counts the Chamber of Commerce of Trento, the Fondazione Comunità Solidale, the Italian Christian workers’ society, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto, and the Cooperative Movement in Trentino. From 1998 the association has been an ONLUS, i.e. a non-profit organization. The association operates in twenty-six countries in four continents, with more than two-hundred “Clubs” which are the real outposts of our culture and identity, born from the love of emigrants for their homeland.

The Clubs are managed entirely by volunteers and their activities are oriented at getting together Trentini and to keep alive and promote their sense of identity, roots and memories. The Clubs are real socio-cultural articulations in the local communities’ life and represent a primary way for the promotion of Trentino abroad: a well-established network of people who spend their time at the service of the community.

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