The Association Bellunesi nel Mondo (ABM) was founded in 1966 to provide moral and cultural support and to help emigrants and former emigrants from Belluno in their search for a job.

The association has more than 100 circles abroad, called Famiglie Bellunesi, and around 20 of former emigrants in the Province of Belluno, Famiglie ex emigranti, for a total of about 7.000 members all over the world, where these “Families” represent centers where to meet other people from the Belluno area and find support from them.

ABM is also an important cultural association, which promotes the consciousness of the historical reasons that brought to emigration, as well as the values associated with it, in order to keep alive the sense of identity in the communities from Belluno abroad and to offer them useful tools for orientation in today’s life, in Italy and around the world.

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