For its landscape, geomorphological characteristics, and this history of mountaineering, the loop itinerary around the Civetta Group is well suited to represent this great mountain massif situated between the valley of the Cordevole in the Agordino area and the Maè in the Zoldo area.

With its mighty north-west face, it has always attracted the gaze of onlookers who have admired its absolute verticality, with its towers, pinnacles and precipices. Few climbers have been able to resist the call of the Civetta. Defined the “Wall of Walls”, it was declared the first sixth-grade climb in the Dolomites in 1925 with the famous Solleder-Lettembauer ascent, and in the years that followed it attracted even more difficult and extraordinary mountaineering achievements.

For those who do not climb and prefer the rewards of hiking, the Civetta offers a constantly varied spectacle of maintained and marked trails (see the section of the High Trail no. 1 of the Dolomites), alternating with fascinating high meadows, pastures, forks and gravel screes that hide precious lakes set like emeralds among the Dolomite rock; farther up, the glacial cirques have been modelled by time and erosion has created a wealth of fascinating peaks, towers and pinnacles.

In this splendid environmental setting, man has been able to do very little to keep it as intact and natural as possible, except build the huts, spending a tremendous amount of energy, to provide a well-deserved point of rest and safety for hikers and climbers.

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