Parks & Nature

The Dolomites offer unequalled landscapes and pearls of natural beauty.
The nature parks, lakes and mountain peaks provide hiking fans with stirring scenery of rare beauty in every season of the year

The mirror-like bodies of water in the Dolomites are little gems that reflect the impressiveness and majesty of the immense mountains that surround them.

There are many parks in the Dolomites area which safeguard the natural beauty and the geological and geomorphological richness, and also protect the animal species that have always lived here.

From coral reefs to imposing massifs with an unmistakable shape, the wrinkles in the rocks tell the story of how these spectacular mountains - since 2009 a Unesco World Heritage Site - were formed.

Something special for you: hotels, apartments, hostels, refuges, huts, camping, agritur to restore yourself. Enter the cordial atmosphere of a refuge and spoil your palate with the rich taste of natural foods, like the mountain dairy cheeses or certain red wines.