In the provinces of Trento, Bolzano and Belluno, you’ll find not only charming cities, but also characteristic towns and captivating villages. When the Dolomites are enveloped in the Christmas spirit, the small towns are filled with lights and Christmas market stands that create a really unique atmosphere.

The Dolomites are part of three Italian provinces: South Tyrol (Bolzano), Trentino and Belluno. A glance at their main cities.

Jostling gondolas on the canals, graceful palaces, awe-inspiring art in Byzantine Bazilicas...

The Dolomites don’t only offer soaring peaks, deep lush valleys and emerald green lakes, but also some enchanting mountain villages that are worth exploring.

The city of Bolzano is often called “The Gate to the Dolomites”. The history of this town of about 100,000 inhabitants dates back to over 2,000 years ago.