Dolomites - new and old
The valleys of the Dolomites have maintained their many ancient traditions which still today are part of everyday life. This can be seen in the particularly attractive and warm architecture, it can be tasted in the delicious food made by following recipes handed down from generation to generation, it can be heard in the folk music of the many village bands.
Indeed the traditions have not been lost, yet they have not got in the way of new ideas, modern architecture or experimental sounds and exotic tastes. Thus in the Dolomites today you may listen to a jazz festival while enjoying a typical meal in a traditionally furnitured alpine hut.
The towns in and around the Dolomites also offer something for those who like to discover more about the history and culture of the area in its many interesting and attractive museums.
One of the most famous ones is without doubt the museum built for the probably best-known mummy in the world: the Iceman Ötzi.

In the provinces of Trento, Bolzano and Belluno, you’ll find not only charming cities, but also characteristic towns and captivating villages. When the Dolomites are enveloped in the Christmas spirit, the small towns are filled with lights and Christmas market stands that create a really unique atmosphere.

Legends of the Dolomites, local traditions, typical crafts such as woodworking and wrought iron…

The charming Sounds of the Dolomites concerts, the lightheartedness of Carnival in the towns and on the ski runs, the bright atmosphere of the Christmas markets - you’ll find this and much more in the Dolomites, both in summer and in winter!