Food and wine

The cuisine of the Dolomites was born “poor”, as it originally included only a few dishes and featured recipes that were simple, yet offered unique flavours. As time passed, this cuisine became more extensive, but always remained loyal to tradition, which emphasizes genuine local products of the land where the cuisine originated. Today, Trentino, South Tyrol and Veneto offer well-known foods, fantastic wines, exceptional spumanti and excellent restaurants with great chefs - all elements that turn the Dolomite regions into haute cuisine realms.

The Dolomite area is rich in typical foods, some of which are very well known. Examples include cheeses from the Fiemme and Fassa valleys, speck (smoked raw ham), apples, and many wines that are highly renowned all over the world.

The lands at the foot of the Dolomites are ideal for growing high-quality grapes of different varieties. You’ll always enjoy unmistakable fruity bouquets and aromas, and unique flavours on your palate!

The typical local dishes in the Dolomites: simple recipes with distinctive flavours, made with characteristic genuine foods, according to tradition.

The flavours of Val di Fassa, the taste of Carnival, roasted chestnuts with new wine, and so much more!